Bellevue Farmers Market Box FAQ

General Questions

How do I buy a Bellevue Farmers Market Box?

Click on the Shop button above and pick your box.

Can I buy a box the same day as pick up?

No.  Boxes must be pre-purchased online. The cut-off time for orders are Tuesdays at 5pm and pick ups are always on Thursdays during your selected time window. 

How do I pay for a Bellevue Farmers Market Box?

All payments must be made online when you order your box and we accept all major credit cards. We are finding ways to serve our customers that purchase food with SNAP benefits. Do not attempt to purchase directly through this website. Click here to email Liz and learn more.

How much is the Bellevue Farmers Market Box?

Depending on what’s in season the price will range between $50-$70 per box..

Do you deliver?

No, but if you are a City of Bellevue resident that is aged 60+, pregnant, or immuno-compromised and interested in a delivery option, please contact us at

I can’t pick up my box! Can someone else pick up for me?

Yes! Tell a friend or family member to come to the site to pick up your box. They will have to give your name and the quantities of your order.  Ideally please bring a copy of the receipt for validation.  

I forgot to pick up my box. Can I pick it up next week instead?

We are not able to hold bags for pick up after distribution hours. Orders not picked up by 7 pm on Thursday will be donated to a local food bank or to on-site volunteers.

What’s in a Bellevue Farmer Market Box?

Your box will include a selection of seasonal produce from a few of your favorite BFM vendors.

Does it really come in a box?

Bellevue Farmers Market Box usually comes in a bag – but Bellevue Farmer Market Box sounds better than Bellevue Farmer Market Bag!

Does a customer get to choose what goes in their bag?

No. Bellevue Farmers Market orders seasonal vegetables directly from the farmers after the ordering cut-off time on Tuesday. All bags will contain the same items. If there is something in the bag that you do not like or are allergic to, we recommend giving it to a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. Additionally, you may choose to add fresh eggs and flowers to your purchase.

Is the Bellevue Farmer Market Box 100% organic?

The Bellevue Farmer Market Box is not 100% organic. All produce, eggs, and flowers are sourced from Bellevue Farmers Market farmers you know. Please visit to see a full list of the farms that we partner with

Is the Bellevue Farmer Market Box 100% local?

Yes, all the farms we partner with are in Washington State. Some as close as Redmond and Carnation, and others as far as Yakima or Elma. Produce travels an average of 74 miles from farm to Bellevue Farmers Market.

When did the Bellevue Farmers Market Box start?

The Bellevue Farmers Market Box is brand new and will launch in May 2020. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization had to get creative to continue connecting local farms to urban communities. If this program is successful we hope to continue through the 2020 season.

About the Market

Is the Bellevue Farmers Market a nonprofit?

Bellevue Farmers Market is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting small local farms by providing a viable, vibrant marketplace for farm product to be sold directly to consumers and to put on a weekly event for Bellevue’s urban residents that educates, nourishes, and fosters community.  Learn about ways to get involved with Bellevue Farmers Market.

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